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Founded in 2010, Fossil Creek Productions is a creator-owned label by Kristopher White.  Current projects include "The Thirty Six" and the forthcoming "Father Robot".

The Thirty Six Updates

Stay up to date on "The Thirty Six", a graphic novel based on an actual Kabbalistic legend. 

Thanks for visiting us at Wonder Con 2013!!


 Even super heroes enjoy "The Thirty Six"

Even super heroes enjoy "The Thirty Six"

Hi all!  I just wanted to post a quick note to say THANK YOU to all of you that came by our booth at Wonder Con 2013 and picked up copies of the trade and Chapter One!  We hope you enjoy the read.

There's many more good things on the horizon.  "The Thirty Six" will be at Comic Con 2013 along with the first installments from my new work "FATHER ROBOT".  Feel free to skate on over to that site to check out the work-in-progress.