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Founded in 2010, Fossil Creek Productions is a creator-owned label by Kristopher White.  Current projects include "The Thirty Six" and the forthcoming "Father Robot".

Father Robot Updates

Stay up to date on "Father Robot", the forthcoming graphic novel from Fossil Creek Productions and Sequential Imagery Consortium. 

The Robot Life...

Kristopher White

Mission Comics in San Francisco is featuring some artwork of Sam's in September.  There’s going to be some awesome original pages and illustrations from Father Robot and his other work Fall Forward on display.  AND, you can pick up a signed copy of Father Robot #1! If you’re around, please stop by for the opening on September 7th.  It’s going to be at the gallery in Mission: Comics and Art, the greatest comic shop and art gallery in all of SF!

The Robot Life    

Art and Comics from Illustrator Sam Garland (that’s me!)

Mission: Comics and Art

3520 20th St. Suite B

Sam Francisco, CA 94110