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Founded in 2010, Fossil Creek Productions is a creator-owned label by Kristopher White.  Current projects include "The Thirty Six" and the forthcoming "Father Robot".

Father Robot Updates

Stay up to date on "Father Robot", the forthcoming graphic novel from Fossil Creek Productions and Sequential Imagery Consortium. 

The beginning of "Father Robot"


Hi everyone!  Thank you for checking out the blog for "Father Robot!"  Perhaps you heard about us at Wonder Con... or perhaps you just stalk the internet for sites that are, well, not really promoted yet.  Either way... beinvenudo!  Welcome!  Dankershane! "Father Robot" is an upcoming graphic novel from Kristopher White & Sam Garland.  The idea was born out of a chance meeting at APE 2012 in San Francisco.  Kristopher saw the awesome robots that Sam draws and, well, the idea started germinating.  By the time Kristopher was back in Los Angeles, the idea was born.

AND WHAT IS THE IDEA?  Well, funny you should ask...

Father Robot

“Father Robot” is a new graphic novel by writer Kristopher White & artist Sam Garland.  The story follows Father Robot, the first ever mech unit to achieve self-awareness.  Father Robot believes itself to be the father of a little girl it was originally sent to rescue from a war-torn city.

The story is set in a world where men fight wars via mech units they control remotely (ala Avatar).  Up to this point, there is no such thing as artificial intelligence on the scale of self-aware robots.  All that changes when a father is ordered to abandon the defense of the city where his wife and child are seeking shelter.  Disobeying orders, he goes AWOL from his unit, intent on rescuing his family.  Immediately, the military breaks into his pod and forcefully disconnects him from the unit, essentially killing the robot — and his hopes of rescuing his family.  Then the miraculous happens.  His mech unit comes to life on its own — the first robot ever to achieve self-awareness.  The key is it believes itself to be the Father and continues the mission to rescue the wife and child from the besieged city.