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Founded in 2010, Fossil Creek Productions is a creator-owned label by Kristopher White.  Current projects include "The Thirty Six" and the forthcoming "Father Robot".

Father Robot Updates

Stay up to date on "Father Robot", the forthcoming graphic novel from Fossil Creek Productions and Sequential Imagery Consortium. 

"Father Robot" to debut from 215 Ink in January 2014...

Kristopher White



“Father Robot” created by Kristopher White (“The Thirty Six”) and Sam Garland to debut digitally from 215Ink starting January 2014.


Los Angeles, CA (Thurs, Oct. 31st, 2013) – Publisher 215 Ink adds another talented set of newcomers to their growing roster of creator-owned books.  “Father Robot”, created by Kristopher White & Sam Garland, tells the tale of the world’s first self-aware mech on a mission to rescue a little girl from a warzone.  The robot happens to believe it is her Dad.

"Father Robot was another undiscovered treasure of the indie community, one we're know will be a great fit with the rest of our lineup," sai

d 215 Ink editor Michael Perkins. 


“We’re very excited to partner up with an amazing publisher like 215 Ink.  They represent everything that’s great about indie comics,” said writer Kristopher White.  White’s previous work includes the critically acclaimed “The Thirty Six” (  White’s partner on the book is artist Sam Garland, a self-published comics illustrator and recent MFA graduate from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. 


Based in a fictional world, the story follows Father Robot, the world’s first ever mech unit to achieve self-awareness.  Sent to rescue a little girl from a war-torn city, Father Robot believes itself to be her actual dad.  The book follows the two’s journey to safety, pursued by enemies and those who would use Father Robot for their own purposes.


A sneak peek of the book is available now at and


Kristopher will be making the official announcement at Stan Lee's Comikaze this weekend in LA. He'll be at booth AA731 with 215 editor Mike Perkins. 215 will be holding portfolio reviews on the opening day of the show from 10-11am and 4-5pm. Updates and info will be posted at


215 INK is an independent comic book publisher based in Philadelphia, PA, dedicated to showcasing some of the most original creator-owned titles from some of the best up and coming creators. Formed in 2010 with a single title, Massive Awesome, the company now publishes nearly thirty titles both in print and digitally. More info on their titles can be found on their website




Michael Perkins, Editor- 215 Ink



Kristopher White, Fossil Creek Productions